Freer Spreckley is the trainer for these courses

Freer started his career in development working in co-operatives and SMEs as a volunteer and now works as part of a social enterprise based in Herefordshire in the UK called Local Livelihoods.

Freer is an acknowledged authority on Social Enterprise, Project Cycle Management and Results Based M&E systems. Freer has worked in international development for over 30 years as a project manager, consultant, M&E expert, policy advisor, trainer and writer of manuals and toolkits.  His experience has led to working in over 70 countries during this time and for most of the major donor organisations; and very many NGOs and small community based organisations. 

He trains EU Commission staff and EU Delegation staff around the world to plan using RBM tools alongside helping Social Enterprises develop their triple bottom line in commercial, social and environmental planning.