Social Enterprise Planning Course

Live Online

This course introduces Social Enterprise and goes through the practical steps needed to prepare your business case, undertake a feasibility study and prepare a Social Enterprise Plan.

    * Online real time participatory training
    * Very experienced trainer
    * Access from the office, in the field or at home: from anywhere in the world
    * Affordable and no travel costs
    * Very low carbon footprint

This 12 hour live online course will enable you to understand the rationale and fundamental purpose of Social Enterprise.  The course will introduce participants to Social Enterprise as a business that is socially, environmentally and commercially viable.  It will present a range of models, depending on the type of Social Enterprise you wish to form, and look at systems, legal charters, management methods, levels of democracy, governance and Social Accounting and Audit.  Participants will be introduced to planning for multiple objectives and efficient ways of integrating them into Social Enterprise management approaches.

Social Enterprise provides a legal framework for equitable ownership and democratic control of business.  It includes the Triple Bottom Line of achieving commercial viability, social wealth creation and environmental responsibility.  The trainer has been closely involved in Social Enterprise for over 30 years and will bring a unique insight to the course.


The course is aimed at anyone interested in setting up and/or working in a Social Enterprise or a Community Enterprise.  The course is also suitable for those who provide advice and support to groups and individuals who wish to explore how Social Enterprise can provide them with employment opportunities and how to have a stake in the wealth they create.   The course is also suitable for NGOs who have to explore more sustainable ways of raising funds.

How the course is delivered

The course is delivered in six 2 hour online sessions spread over a six week period.  All participants need is a PC, speaker/headphone and a broadband connection. Participants have the opportunity to follow up each session with relevant exercises. The course will be supported by a set of material and a practical Toolkit. Once participants complete an exercise they can send it to the trainer and she/he will respond with brief comments.   Groups can view and undertake the course exercises as a team.


Participants who complete the course and four or more of the six exercises will receive a Completion Certificate.


The cost for the six sessions is £200 (US$ 315) per terminal; any number of people can view the course but only one person from each terminal is eligible to receive a Completion Certificate (if they have completed a minimum of four exercises).  For additional participants using the same terminal who would like to gain a Completion Certificate there will be an extra charge of £45.00 per person.  For bookings of more than 3 terminals there is a 20% reduction in cost for each terminal. Payment is made by Bank transfer.                   


This course is timed for participants in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Africa and Asia and held at the LOCAL TIMES listed below. To check where you are go to:

Course Sessions 
Session 1  The Relevance of Social Enterprise
Origin and Rationale of Social Enterprise
Definition of Social Enterprise
Theory of Social Enterprise
Types of Social Enterprise
The Triple Bottom Line
The Social Enterprise Plan

Exercise 1:    What is the Commercial Idea?
Session 2   Marketing and Promoting your Social Enterprise
The Marketing System
Stages of Market Research
Market Segmentation and Competition
Developing the Marketing Mix
Positioning the Social Enterprise

Exercise 2:  Identify your Target Market

Session 3   Organising your Physical Base
Developing the Product/service
Skills Required
Location and Premises
Equipment and Machinery
Communication and Delivery

Exercise 3:   Undertake Market Research and Identify costs

Session 4    Financing your Social Enterprise
Start up Costs – Revenue and Capital
Pricing the product/services – cost volume profit relations
Breakeven Analysis
Preparing Profit and Loss Account
Preparing Cashflow Forecasting
Sources of Finance – Exploring Mixed Receipts
Preparing the financial case

Exercise 4:  Profit & Loss Account and Cashflow preparation

Session 5    Governance and Social Audit Planning
Introduction and preparation of Social Audit system
Preparing a Governance Statement
Engaging with Stakeholders
Managing the Triple Bottom Line
Financial Viability
Social Wealth Creation
Environmental Responsibility

Exercise 5:  Prepare key Governance Statements
Session 6  Organisation and Legal Issues
Roles, Tasks and Responsibilities
Decision making
Organising the Social Enterprise
Exploring different legal options
Key clauses for preparing a legal Charter
Steps for registering a Social Enterprise
Finalising the Social Enterprise Plan       

Course Dates and Booking

The sessions will be run every Wednesday on the dates shown below:

There are no courses currently planned


For further information on this course or others please contact us at: 

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