Social Accounting and Audit Course

Social Accounting and Audit Course

Live Online

This 8 hour live online course will enable you to prepare the ground for undertaking a Social Audit.  By the end of the course participants will have gained the skills and experience to design and implement a Social Audit for an organisation.

Social Audit is an organisational method for planning and measuring social, environmental and commercial objectives.  The Social Audit complements a financial audit to provide a whole approach to performance measurement.  Social Audit is used in commercial, community and not-for-profit organisations.  Social Audit for organisations was first developed by Local Livelihoods staff in 1978.  The current method of Social Audit has the advantage of thorough testing in organisations of different types, sizes and sectors. 

    * Online real time participatory training
    * Very experienced trainers
    * Access from the office, in the field or at home: from anywhere in the world
    * Affordable and no travel costs
    * Very low carbon footprint


The course is aimed at managers, staff and board members who are actively involved in organisational performance measurement and democratic planning.  Participants will be able to meet, online, people from around the world who are also actively engaged in planning social, environmental and commercial objectives to improve performance.   The course will provide participants with the opportunity to work together and exchange experience and ideas.  Participants will receive live online tutoring, technical support for using the online system, and a Social Audit Toolkit.

How the course is delivered

The course will be delivered in four 2 hour online modules spread over a four week period.  Participants will follow up each module with in-work application. Participants will feedback results at the next session.


Participants who complete the course and at least two of the course exercises will receive a Completion Certificate.


The cost for the four sessions is £160 (US$256) per terminal; any number of people can view the course but only one person from each terminal is eligible to receive a Completion Certificate (if they have completed a minimum of two exercises).  For additional participants using the same terminal who would like to gain a Completion Certificate there will be an extra charge of £45 per person to cover the administration cost.  For bookings of more than 3 terminals there is a 20% reduction in cost for each terminal. Payment is made by Bank transfer.                   


This course is timed for participants in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Africa and Asia and held at the LOCAL TIMES listed below. To check where you are go to:

Course Sessions 

Session 1 – Governance and Planning

Governance and Planning sets out the underlying culture of an organisation and develops a Governance Statement and Value Base. All the major principles stated in the organisation’s legal constitution, the statements about the purpose of the organisation, and the operational decisions that constitute organisational rules made in the course of managing the organisation are drawn together.  The Value Base is then used, throughout the Social Audit, as the basis for setting criteria to monitor consistency between the stated values of an organisation and its general and specific performance.  In this session we shall explore the different ways of managing Social Auditing.

Exercise:   Prepare a basic Governance Statement for the organisation
Session 2 – External View and Analysis

The External View of the Social Audit is a communication with a wide range of stakeholders.  The purpose is to inform stakeholders about the organisation’s activities, to obtain a response to the information and to elicit stakeholders’ attitudes and ideas about the services provided.  It will enable the organisation to have an on-going dialogue with its stakeholders on a regular basis.

Exercise:  Preparing and tailoring a set of external Social Audit communication tools   

Session 3 – Internal View and Analysis

The Internal View engages and involves staff, board members and other close associates such as volunteers in assessing how the organisation, and its internal systems and structures, operates.  It will also test the ability of the organisation to meet the needs of its users and clients.

Exercise:       Preparing and tailoring a set of internal Social Audit communication tools   

Session 4 – Social Accounting Analysis and Reporting

The particular issues and actions that have been identified from each of the previous elements, Governance and Planning, the External View and the Internal View are drawn into plans.  Social Accounting includes long-term strategic plans and the shorter term targets of the social objectives, and provides the tools to plan and monitor scheduled activities.

A Social Audit report will include the results of the exercises, the variance assessment between the year’s planned and actual achievements, a general statement about the organisation’s overall performance in relation to the Value Base and trends from one year to the next.

Course Dates and Booking

The sessions will be run every Wednesday on the dates shown below.  

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