Customised Live Online Services

Local Livelihoods has experience in designing and delivering customised live online training for organisations around the world.  We can deliver training to one location or too many locations at the same time.  We can also facilitate workshops and provide mentoring services online to clients.  Although we deliver our standards courses in English we have associate trainers and facilitators who operate in different languages.  The main areas of our expertise are as follows:

    *         Results Based Management
    *         Programme and Project Design
    *         Logical Framework
    *         Monitoring and Evaluation
    *         Techniques in Participative Engagement
    *         Strategic Planning
    *         Social Enterprise Planning

We also conduct online M&E and surveys as well as assisting organisations learn and apply live online methods for their in-house training and meetings.

All online sessions are tailored to the time and duration required by clients and are flexible, inexpensive and environmental responsible.

If you are interested in discussing how Local Livelihoods may assist you please contact us at: